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Quotes Callanetics has given me more body awareness. My muscles feel stronger, more toned and my whole body is leaner. After each class I feel energised. Callanetics is the best exercise method I've tried so far. I enjoy that I work all my body and each week I see and feel more progress in strength and flexibility. Justina is always full of energy and fun to be around. She is an awesome Callanetics teacher :) I do a private class and feel I get lots of care and attention for my money. June 2013. Quotes
Dee Threadgold
Feeling Energised

Quotes Callanetics has done wonders for my lower back, I had to wear a back support for work and exercise for many years but after 5 months of Callanetics I don't need to wear it any more; I'm delighted! Justina is so full of energy and bounce, I come into class feeling tired but skip out the door with a smile, I love both the classes and Justina. Quotes
No more Back Support

Quotes So amazing, the only form of exercise without feeling like exercise that has made me feel so amazing. If I stop going my arthritis reminds me of how much good it does. Feel so good after it that now my whole family join me for classes, great day out for us. I usually get bored after a month of anything but nearly two years on and can't think of life without it. Even on a bad day Justina allows each of us to work with what's best suited, no embarrassment no questions. Thank you from me and my family. Quotes

Quotes Callanetics has helped my flexibility and it is great for toning. It is the one exercise method that has strengthened my core and that has benefited me greatly on a daily basis. Justina is very vibrant, energetic and always has a smile on her face! It's a fun class and I always feel good after it - often going in tired and leaving feeling completely different. I think Justina is a fantastic teacher I love her energy and happiness. I feel the class is very like a one-to-one as Justina checks every move that is made - Good Value! Quotes
Siobhan Howarth
Benefits on a daily basis

Quotes Callanetics has improved my entire core and also my posture. Someone asked me the other day if I had got taller, it was because I standing straighter! Callanetics has also given me more energy and improved my mood. The classes have a relaxed atmosphere, Justina shows your how to improve your stretches and postures discreetly and with great ease, I always feel comfortable. I feel that I get value for my money, I only wish I could do at least another class per week. Quotes
V Hurley
Noticeably taller!

Quotes Since starting Callanetics in February my strength and fitness levels have increased 10 fold. I have rediscovered muscle tone I haven't seen since before I had my 3 children and the over 30 centimetre loss in body size is a bonus :) Justina is a breath of fresh air; always energetic, amusing and quirky and is very good at what she does. I can manage exercises now with her guidance that I couldn't dream of before and I think her classes offer excellent value for money. June 2013. Quotes
Eimear Daly
30 cm loss and counting

Quotes I have a multitude of physical problems, sciatica and tight hamstrings due to foot problem to name just a couple, however these problems have all been eased by Callanetics with Justina Searle and her Dynamic Body Works class. Since starting Callanetics a few months ago in February 2012, I have also improved my waistline by over 10cm and also by hips by a bit less. I have lost over 24cm across 6 measured points on my body and I'm delighted. I?ve got more to go but what I?m finding is even better than the cm loss and body shaping, is that I can feel my muscle-tone improving; which gives me strength and a great motivation to stick to a healthy diet! I look forward to my Wednesday evening class as there are many other benefits that I gain from attending Dynamic Body Works and I also try to get more sessions by myself at home each week. Quotes
Tara Savage
Delighted - June 2012

Quotes I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia nine years ago & I've always struggled to find exercise options that don't tire me out or cause pain or injury. Fibromyalgia causes exhaustion & pain, it's a vicious circle; I don't feel like exercising but a lack of exercise leads to muscle stiffness & spasm. After 9 weeks of Callanetics with Justina I feel great. I've found Callanetics gives me relief & my muscles are looser afterwards for 2 days. I feel strong & energised. Justina is an integral part of my exercise & healing process. Along with her positive & sunny attitude, she is attentive, considerate, kind & understanding with limitless patience & an innate sense of when I need extra help & support & when I need to work harder. She constantly watches & adjusts my positions to avoid injury; I have ultimate confidence & trust in her & her ability. If I feel stiff, sore or weak, she arranges alternative exercises & positions that work & makes me feel as though I can do it. Quotes
Eimear O'Neill
Diagnosed with Fybromyalgia and feeling great

Quotes I'm 61 years old, I've always been overweight; my exercise was going out walking. Diet and a work out was not for me, I felt that I needed to do more but couldn't find the time or anything that suited me. A friend suggested I contact Justina who offers private classes in the home, I started Callanetics in December 2011. I'm delighted to have my own trainer at my door, there's no getting out of it and I always feel brilliant after my class even if I wasn't feeling great before it, I am now much more aware of my body. She started off gently and intensifies my routine to suit my abilities; I am going from strength to strength. I had very swollen and creaky knees, now I am able to bend at the knees with confidence and can perform exercises and stretches that were impossible for me in December. Not only my strength and flexibility that have improved; my energy levels have increased; I'm not exhausted at the end of the day, my posture has improved, friends comment on how well I look. Quotes
Marie Connnolly
Absolutely Delighted

Quotes I started Callanetics about 9 months ago with the aim to tone up and just feel better about myself and found both the exercises and Justina's approach to training so amazing that I now try to attend three classes a week. I can say that I've tried lots of other forms of exercise (Palates, yoga, aerobics) over the years, and they have never had this effect; I have finally found something that really works. Thanks to Justina, I could see results within 4 sessions and this really motivated me to continue attending classes. I feel physically stronger and more flexible, also a problem with a stiff and sore shoulder has disappeared. My family, friends and work colleagues are also impressed with my results since I have toned down to a size 12 from a tight fitting 16. Thank you Callanetics West Cork. Quotes
Very Happy Client